Croatia - Serbia

While the implementation of the last projects contracted under the IPA 2007-2013 programme is slowly coming to an end and the countries are preparing for closing the programme, the implementation of the new bilateral programme financed from European Regional Development Fund (considering the fact that Croatia is a EU member state) and IPA 2014-2020 funds has already started its implementation in March 2016.

To learn more about priorities, potential candidates and financial allocations see Interreg IPA CBC programme Croatia-Serbia and  visit the programme website.

Management of the programme

The Managing Authority of the new Interreg IPA CBC programme is the Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia.

National Authorities of the participating countries, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia and  European Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia  are responsible for setting up and ensuring efficient functioning of the respective national control systems. Furthermore, National Authorities are responsible for ensuring implementation of the decisions taken by the JMC.

The Joint Secretariat is located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Managing Authority
Joint Secretariat