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10.12.2019. to 10.03.2020.
Priority Axis 1: Development and Support of Local Economy
1.1.  Create  employment opportunities for educated graduates  by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross border area, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices
1.3  Improve the attractiveness and promote tourism in the cross-border area to enhance employment in tourism

Priority Axis 2: Protection of Environment - Transportation
2.4  Prevention, mitigation and management of natural disasters, risks and hazards

09.12.2019. to 06.01.2020.
In order to increase awareness of EU Regional Policy and to fight disinformation, the European Commission’s department for regional policy encourages journalism students and young journalists to cover regional policy stories.
The Commission will continue in 2020 the press trips programme for journalists that was started in 2019. Applications are accepted from applicants meeting the following conditions:
    The education cycle under the EU-funded project ‘New life of Neolithic heritage in recognized natural areas of great importance – NeoLIFE’ (IPA CBC programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina) was finalised. >>> Read more
    The objectives of the EU-funded project ‘Solid Waste Management Upgrading’ implemented under IPA CBC programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented in media. >>>Read more
    Media promotion of the EU-funded project 'Social integration through parasport – Parainspired' implemented under IPA CBC programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, >>>Read more