Sixth CBC Regional Consultative Forum

14.11.2018. to 15.11.2018.
The forum was organised on 14 and 15 November 2018 in Pristina, Kosovo*.

The first day was fully dedicated to the forum, while the second day was devoted to a meeting of the technical working group on indirect management under IPA II CBC programmes.

The objectives of the meeting were the following:
  1. to brief the participants on the progress made for the implementation of nine 2014-2020 IPA II CBC programmes;
  2. to discuss two study cases of good practice under the CBC programmes between two IPA beneficiaries;
  3. to expose the Western Balkans (WB) CBC stakeholders to other study cases of good practice and impact under the Interreg IPA programme Greece – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and
  4. to present and discuss the performance framework, impact assessment and monitoring system put forward by the project team of the CBIB+ Phase II.
During the meeting two grant beneficiaries of the IPA CBC programmes united under the concept of ‘Via Dinarica’ presented their projects implemented under 3 programmes (BA-ME, ME-KS and AL-KS).